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Contact Center

As a business, customer service is key. Your success depends on exceeding customer satisfaction metrics on a consistent basis and ensuring that all of your customers receive the attention they deserve at every step of their journey. By using our Centric Telecom Cloud Contact Center, companies enable their teams to handle customer requests and issues across all channels more efficiently, while meeting metrics and providing exemplary customer service.

Successful businesses want to deliver a world-class experience to every customer, every time they need you. With Centric Telecom Cloud Contact Center, you’re ready to respond accurately and efficiently at any time. Customer satisfaction creates brand loyalty. And brand loyalty equates to industry leadership, greater profits, and differentiation from your competitors.

Features of Centric Telecom Cloud Contact Center include:

Automated Call Distribution (ACD): The Automated Call Distribution engine is the “routing’’ engine that manages inbound and outbound media, making sure that phone calls, emails, chats, and texts are properly routed.

PBX Integration: Centric Telecom Cloud Contact Center uses SIP trunks to connect from the cloud to any PBX or PSTN connection that supports SIP trunking.

Dashboards: Centric Telecom Cloud Contact Center offers several styles of real-time dashboards that display important performance data.

Reports: Centric Telecom Cloud Contact Center has a robust reporting engine that offers more than 50 canned reports including queue performance; agent performance; media performance; IVR details (including calls by hour and by number); and survey details.

Call Recording: The agent system includes the ability to record agents’ calls for quality management and call tracking.

Workforce Management (WFM): Centric Telecom Cloud Contact Center includes Workforce Management functionality for agent administration including agent scheduling (from 5-minute to 60-minute increments); forecasting using call history; real-time adherence updates and reports; support for multiple locations, pay periods, and shifts; and PTO (Paid Time Off) management and workflow.

Schedules: Unlimited schedules and types are supported and may be assigned to each queue.

Holiday automation: Set it once and forget it including half days.

DNIS based auto attendants and call flows

Contact Center Specifics: Centric Telecom Cloud Contact Center supports many other actions that are industry standard but may require additional professional services and/or fees for implementation and usage.

Agent client functionality includes:

• Call Controls (Answer, End, Hold, Transfer, Conference)

• Agent Controls (Login, Logout, Ready, Wrap Up)

• Disposition Codes (with Multiple Levels)

• Unavailable (DND) Codes

• Online Directories (with Custom Widget)

• Supervisor Escalation

• Call History

• Call Recording Controls

• Custom Scripting (DNIS & Queue)

• Screen Survey Tools

• Custom Screen Layout

• Outgoing Calling Line ID Selection (with Dialer)

Supervisor client functionality includes:

• Silent Monitoring (Listen)

• Whisper Coaching

• Barge-in

• Intercept / Answer Inbound Calls

• View / Change Agent Status

• Real-time Queue Monitoring / Management

• Enable Alternate Routing

• Historical Reports

• Real-time Reports

• Contact Center Dashboard

Read more about Centric Telecom Cloud Contact Center and it’s exciting benefits and capabilities here (pdf).