Present Wirelessly with the Innovative Lifesize Share

When it comes to communication and collaboration, today’s forward-thinking companies want solutions that don’t tether them to a specific desk or even the same room in a company building. Lifesize Share enables companies to host presentations by eliminating the cords of the standard presentation environment. You don’t need a wire to start showing off your content – all you need is a wireless connection.

Features of Lifesize Share include:

Present from any laptop without special software downloads

Share your screen — presentations, documents and more

Share online media — video and audio — without compromising quality

Share a file or stream video from your mobile phone

Ultrasonic laptop pairing for simple and secure room connection

Multi-user sharing queue lets you quickly change presenters

Easy setup allows for quick deployment throughout your offices

Directly connect to any video conferencing system, if you have one.

Provides a secure, separate wireless access point for guests

Automatic software updates

Account management for control of all of the Lifesize Share devices on your network

Eliminate lag and share video in a seamless stream

Benefits of Lifesize Share

Lifesize Share gives today’s companies everything they need to create incredible presentations without complicated cords and extra devices. All you need to do is access your browser to get started, which means no more passing dongles around the room. You can stream from videos online or share what’s on your screen. Benefits include:

Easy to Use: Add wireless capabilities to your conference instantly and enjoy the same functionality in training or huddle rooms too.

Highly accessible: The Lifesize Share solution was created to offer more innovation to businesses through a wireless option for presentations and connectivity. This innovative system supports any laptop, smartphone or tablet without the need for added complexity or IT support.

Integration: Whichever operating system you use, connecting to your Lifesize Share solution couldn’t be simpler. Lifesize can even act as a wireless access point for any guests who want to share content with your company and keep information secure at the same time. You don’t have to have Lifesize video conferencing.

Multiple ways to share your screen: Depending on the type of presentation you want to give, Lifesize Share allows you to choose between showing your entire screen, displaying an application window, or opening up a chrome tab display.

Eliminates the typical mess of cables between the conference room TV’s and the presenter’s PC. No more having to determine which cable to use and which TV input does it belong to.

Read more about Lifesize Share and it’s exciting benefits and capabilities here(pdf).
Lifesize Share is a standalone offering at Centric Telecom. Interested in learning more? Give us a call today: 703.321.7110.