Centric Telecom Mobile App

In an increasingly mobile world, many business owners and employees can’t afford to be either out of touch or tethered to a wired desk phone. Business phone system smartphone apps offer business owners a solution that keeps mobile workers in touch anytime and anywhere, so workers don’t have to carry more than one device or risk commingling business and personal communications.

While anyone can use a personal device to make a business call or send a business text, apps turn employees’ smartphones into powerful mobile business communications tools. This is available with our Mobile App, designed specifically for today’s mobile workers who want high quality, easy-to-use, and integrated voice and conference call features that support the different ways they do business. Our mobile app gives busy administrators the ability to manage auto attendants and other hosted PBX capabilities from the convenience of their smartphone.

Here are some of the exciting features:

Connects the Business Line to the Employee Smartphone: Mobile workers can answer calls placed to their corporate phone number from the convenience of their mobile device anytime, anywhere. In addition, calls can be made from a smartphone using their corporate line to streamline business communications and maintain the privacy of the user’s personal mobile number.

Extends Office Features to the Smartphone: Join conference calls, update forwarding options, and manage greetings and routing of automated attendants with one click from the app.

Never Miss an Important Business Call: Clients and work associates can easily reach on-the-go employees anytime through one business line that automatically connects to their mobile devices.

Maintains Employee Privacy: Employees can be more selective about sharing their personal phone numbers as business communications are directed right to their smartphones without revealing any of their personal information.

Supports Your Mobile Workers: The Mobile App supports the new virtual business office, enabling employees to connect seamlessly and anywhere they want to conduct business. The Mobile App takes just one click to join a conference bridge, with access gained through a single login that works for both the Mobile App and Web Portal. Using the embedded SIP phone over wifi or cellular network, the Mobile App offers employees more flexible and enhanced connectivity options compared to other non-integrated applications.

It’s Free: The Mobile App is free to download with Centric Cloud phone service and is easy to use. Availability for iOS, iPhone 5 and higher and Android.

“Phone system apps offer a broader range of features, beyond the ability to make calls and send text messages,” said Larry Dressel, President/CEO of Centric Telecom Inc. “Call routing, extensions, and voicemail to text transcription are a few examples of these more advanced features.”

Read more about Centric’s Mobile App and it’s exciting benefits and capabilities here (pdf).

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The Mobile App featured here is for our Hosted Cloud PBX platform. Similar feature is available with our on premise products as well.