ESI’s eSIP Evolution Series offers Premium Power, Performance, and Security

In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world, it is more important than ever for businesses to have a communications solution that will keep them connected to their customers and employees – from anywhere, at any time. Equipping employees with the right phone that delivers the best features and productivity-enhancing tools can drastically increase a company’s business performance.

For nearly thirty years, ESI has striven to perfect the desktop phone as the hub of business communications. ESI Business Phones are loaded with advanced capabilities that put the everyday features that users rely on right at their fingertips. ESI, designs and engineers their phones to work seamlessly with ESI solutions, delivering the best user experience available.

The ESI eSIP Evolution Series

The ESI eSIP Evolution Series delivers power, performance, flexibility, and scalability for small to mid-sized enterprises with up to 500 users. With a modular design that uses the very latest advanced standards-based technology, the eSIP Evolution Series is engineered for the communications needs of today while “future-proofing” your investment. These are some of the notable features:

Easy to Deploy– The ESI eSIP Evolution Series will install into the most demanding business environments through comprehensive auto-provisioning and advanced plug-and-play capabilities.

Premium Technology and Features– The ESI eSIP Evolution Series boasts enterprise grade features that will improve productivity and efficiency by making routine tasks simple.

Power and Performance– It utilizes the latest powerful advancements including industrial-grade Quad Core processors.

Secure and Reliable– The ESI eSIP Evolution Series offers advanced fail-over redundancy, built-in security, monitoring, and reporting capabilities, which are standard.

Take Your Extension– Through the ESI eMobile application for smartphones, you can take the critical features of your business phone with you.

At Centric Telecom, we believe that business communications shouldn’t only be powerful. It must also be easy and intuitive to use. Choosing an ESI solution, such as the ESI eSIP Evolution Series, will certainly give you a competitive edge!

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Business Communication Doesn’t Need to be Complex!

With all of the different collaboration methods available, users often find it difficult to effectively communicate. Employing five to ten different apps and pieces of hardware just to communicate with colleagues and complete work can be distracting, confusing, and time-consuming, to say the least. Communication should be more streamlined, and we have just the solution to accomplish that!

At Centric Telecom, our UC Client makes it easier to communicate in your day-to-day working environment. Unified Communication helps customers streamline all communications, removes clunky information obstacles, and turns their workplace into a cohesive system. By integrating all of the systems you use to collaborate, our UC Client keeps our clients from having to switch between devices, apps, and screens. With everything in one place, on a single cloud based software platform, you can communicate how you want and where they want.

Features and Benefits of Centric Telecom UC Client

Centric Telecom’s UC Client makes your communication simpler and your collaboration more productive. It provides you with audio and video calling, instant messaging, meetings/video chat, history, and voicemail without switching between devices, apps, and screens. Our UC Client allows you to make and take calls without being tied to your desk phone, to chat (one-to-one or one-to-many), and meet with or see each other’s faces with the click of a button—all this without using multiple tools or programs. Here is an overview of some of the key features and benefits of Centric Telecom’s UC Client:

Softphone Calling – Your employees can make and receive take calls right from the UC Client interface

Voicemail – View and manage your voicemails from a single screen as well as view message transcriptions (with a transcription service)

Enterprise Contacts – Access all of your enterprise contacts automatically, and add, edit, or delete contacts

Meetings/Video – Schedule, manage, and conduct video meetings where participants can share screens and control meeting settings all from within UC Client

Chat – Chat with other members of your organization with the click of a button

History – See all of your activity across calls, chats, and meetings over the previous 30 days

Any business with modern communications needs can benefit from Centric Telecom UC Client, from highly virtualized organizations, companies with multiple locations, to those with remote or mobile workers.

Read more about Centric Telecom’s UC Client and it’s exciting benefits and capabilities here (pdf).

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Build better relationships and satisfy customers with Centric Telecom Cloud Call Center

As a business, customer service is key. Your success depends on exceeding customer satisfaction metrics on a consistent basis and ensuring that all of your customers receive the attention they deserve at every step of their journey. By using our Centric Telecom Cloud Call Center, companies enable their teams to handle customer requests and issues across all channels more efficiently, while meeting metrics and providing exemplary customer service.

Successful businesses want to deliver a world-class experience to every customer, every time they need you. With Centric Telecom Cloud Call Center, you’re ready to respond accurately and efficiently at any time. Customer satisfaction creates brand loyalty. And brand loyalty equates to industry leadership, greater profits, and differentiation from your competitors.

Features of Centric Telecom Cloud Call Center include:

Automated Call Distribution (ACD): The Automated Call Distribution engine is the “routing’’ engine that manages inbound and outbound media, making sure that phone calls, emails, chats, and texts are properly routed.

PBX Integration: Centric Telecom Cloud Call Center uses SIP trunks to connect from the cloud to any PBX or PSTN connection that supports SIP trunking.

Dashboards: Centric Telecom Cloud Call Center offers several styles of real-time dashboards that display important performance data.

Reports: Centric Telecom Cloud Call Center has a robust reporting engine that offers more than 50 canned reports including queue performance; agent performance; media performance; IVR details (including calls by hour and by number); and survey details.

Call Recording: The agent system includes the ability to record agents’ calls for quality management and call tracking.

Workforce Management (WFM): Centric Telecom Cloud Call Centerincludes Workforce Management functionality for agent administration including agent scheduling (from 5-minute to 60-minute increments); forecasting using call history; real-time adherence updates and reports; support for multiple locations, pay periods, and shifts; and PTO (Paid Time Off) management and workflow.

Schedules: Unlimited schedules and types are supported and may be assigned to each queue.

Holiday automation: Set it once and forget it including half days.

DNIS based auto attendants and call flows

Call Center Specifics: Centric Telecom Cloud Call Center supports many other actions that are industry standard but may require additional professional services and/or fees for implementation and usage.

Agent client functionality includes:

• Call Controls (Answer, End, Hold, Transfer, Conference)

• Agent Controls (Login, Logout, Ready, Wrap Up)

• Disposition Codes (with Multiple Levels)

• Unavailable (DND) Codes

• Online Directories (with Custom Widget)

• Supervisor Escalation

• Call History

• Call Recording Controls

• Custom Scripting (DNIS & Queue)

• Screen Survey Tools

• Custom Screen Layout

• Outgoing Calling Line ID Selection (with Dialer)

Supervisor client functionality includes:

• Silent Monitoring (Listen)

• Whisper Coaching

• Barge-in

• Intercept / Answer Inbound Calls

• View / Change Agent Status

• Real-time Queue Monitoring / Management

• Enable Alternate Routing

• Historical Reports

• Real-time Reports

• Call Center Dashboard

Read more about Centric Telecom Cloud Call Center and it’s exciting benefits and capabilities here (pdf).
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Present Wirelessly with the Innovative Lifesize Share

When it comes to communication and collaboration, today’s forward-thinking companies want solutions that don’t tether them to a specific desk or even the same room in a company building. Lifesize Share enables companies to host presentations by eliminating the cords of the standard presentation environment. You don’t need a wire to start showing off your content – all you need is a wireless connection.

Features of Lifesize Share include:

Present from any laptop without special software downloads

Share your screen — presentations, documents and more

Share online media — video and audio — without compromising quality

Share a file or stream video from your mobile phone

Ultrasonic laptop pairing for simple and secure room connection

Multi-user sharing queue lets you quickly change presenters

Easy setup allows for quick deployment throughout your offices

Directly connect to any video conferencing system, if you have one.

Provides a secure, separate wireless access point for guests

Automatic software updates

Account management for control of all of the Lifesize Share devices on your network

Eliminate lag and share video in a seamless stream

Benefits of Lifesize Share

Lifesize Share gives today’s companies everything they need to create incredible presentations without complicated cords and extra devices. All you need to do is access your browser to get started, which means no more passing dongles around the room. You can stream from videos online or share what’s on your screen. Benefits include:

Easy to Use: Add wireless capabilities to your conference instantly and enjoy the same functionality in training or huddle rooms too.

Highly accessible: The Lifesize Share solution was created to offer more innovation to businesses through a wireless option for presentations and connectivity. This innovative system supports any laptop, smartphone or tablet without the need for added complexity or IT support.

Integration: Whichever operating system you use, connecting to your Lifesize Share solution couldn’t be simpler. Lifesize can even act as a wireless access point for any guests who want to share content with your company and keep information secure at the same time. You don’t have to have Lifesize video conferencing.

Multiple ways to share your screen: Depending on the type of presentation you want to give, Lifesize Share allows you to choose between showing your entire screen, displaying an application window, or opening up a chrome tab display.

Eliminates the typical mess of cables between the conference room TV’s and the presenter’s PC. No more having to determine which cable to use and which TV input does it belong to.

Read more about Lifesize Share and it’s exciting benefits and capabilities here(pdf).
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Centric Telecom Mobile App

In an increasingly mobile world, many business owners and employees can’t afford to be either out of touch or tethered to a wired desk phone. Business phone system smartphone apps offer business owners a solution that keeps mobile workers in touch anytime and anywhere, so workers don’t have to carry more than one device or risk commingling business and personal communications.

While anyone can use a personal device to make a business call or send a business text, apps turn employees’ smartphones into powerful mobile business communications tools. This is available with our Mobile App, designed specifically for today’s mobile workers who want high quality, easy-to-use, and integrated voice and conference call features that support the different ways they do business. Our mobile app gives busy administrators the ability to manage auto attendants and other hosted PBX capabilities from the convenience of their smartphone.

Here are some of the exciting features:

Connects the Business Line to the Employee Smartphone: Mobile workers can answer calls placed to their corporate phone number from the convenience of their mobile device anytime, anywhere. In addition, calls can be made from a smartphone using their corporate line to streamline business communications and maintain the privacy of the user’s personal mobile number.

Extends Office Features to the Smartphone: Join conference calls, update forwarding options, and manage greetings and routing of automated attendants with one click from the app.

Never Miss an Important Business Call: Clients and work associates can easily reach on-the-go employees anytime through one business line that automatically connects to their mobile devices.

Maintains Employee Privacy: Employees can be more selective about sharing their personal phone numbers as business communications are directed right to their smartphones without revealing any of their personal information.

Supports Your Mobile Workers: The Mobile App supports the new virtual business office, enabling employees to connect seamlessly and anywhere they want to conduct business. The Mobile App takes just one click to join a conference bridge, with access gained through a single login that works for both the Mobile App and Web Portal. Using the embedded SIP phone over wifi or cellular network, the Mobile App offers employees more flexible and enhanced connectivity options compared to other non-integrated applications.

It’s Free: The Mobile App is free to download with Centric Cloud phone service and is easy to use. Availability for iOS, iPhone 5 and higher and Android.

“Phone system apps offer a broader range of features, beyond the ability to make calls and send text messages,” said Larry Dressel, President/CEO of Centric Telecom Inc. “Call routing, extensions, and voicemail to text transcription are a few examples of these more advanced features.”

Read more about Centric’s Mobile App and it’s exciting benefits and capabilities here (pdf).

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The Mobile App featured here is for our Hosted Cloud PBX platform. Similar feature is available with our on premise products as well.

What are the Benefits of VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a type of technology that allows its users to make calls using the Internet rather than the conventional or analog phone system. VoIP works by converting sound into digital voice communication and then transferring it through the Internet. So if you are using a VoIP telephone system, you are basically using the Internet to make phone calls. Using a VoIP system has several benefits for many businesses, as follows:

VoIP offers excellent call quality. The person you’re calling can’t tell whether you’re using VoIP or POTS (plain old telephone service)—there’s little difference in quality.

Lower cost. The biggest advantage VoIP has over POTS is cost. Domestic calls are free, or at the very least, less expensive than POTS; while international calls are also much less expensive and, in certain cases, free as well.

Convenience and versatility. Virtual phone numbers can be assigned to ring on multiple devices: a landline phone, a cell phone, or a work or home phone. You can also assign multiple phone numbers to ring on a single handset.

Attractive to businesses. The cost of voice calls is lower, a cost savings multiplied times the number of employees and the frequency of calling. Also, VoIP integrates data and voice communications (including cell phones) in a more cost-efficient manner.

VoIP is a multifunction system. SIP (Session Initiated Protocol)–enabled VoIP handsets can handle any kind of communication, whether voice or data: regular phone calls, faxes, voicemail, email, Web conferences, etc. So you could, for example, listen to your email or record a voice message that you could send to a fax machine.

The handsets are also scalable. You can add and subtract features as you need without switching out hardware. The plug-and-play capability means that you don’t need a support team to reconfigure the network every time new extensions are added. All you need to do is plug the handset in and it’s ready to go.

Efficient and secure. Allowing voice and data communications to run over a single network greatly reduces corporate infrastructure costs; the larger the company, the greater the savings. For companies concerned about security, VoIP already has the capability to use standardized encryption protocols, which is much more difficult to provide on a regular telephone connection.

Hardware is inexpensive and versatile. VoIP handsets are less expensive than traditional telephones and are simpler to reconfigure.

VoIP comes with a virtual assistant. Some other handy business features include Auto Attendant—also called a virtual assistant—which not only plays prerecorded music or messages for callers on hold, but also routes calls to departments as well as individuals.

VoIP as a tracking system. Another interesting feature is sometimes called Find Me, Follow Me, Call Hunting, or Advanced Forwarding. It allows a handset (or a number) to move wherever the person goes, whether it’s in the office, at a convention center, or using a home phone or cell phone.

Integrating VoIP with other systems is easy. Many VoIP systems also integrate emails and calendar systems such as Microsoft Outlook. This lets you “click to dial” an Outlook contact and automatically record calls you make and receive.

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